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If I go out walking with my dead friends | Film Poetry (2021)

The poem “If I go out walking with my dead friends” belongs to the book “A thousand murdered girls” which was published in 1964. The book consists of 65 poems, each named after a woman who was sentenced to death for siding with the left during the Civil War (1947-1949). “If I go out walking with my dead friends” is a humble memorial for the female heroines mentioned in Papa’s lyrics but also for those who nowadays are fighting for freedom and for a better tomorrow. It rings the bell in the consciences of people, pointing out the risk of suppression of freedom within a decaying social system. The past and the present are connected through a visualized dramaturgy of associative patterns. The human body becomes a canvas on which mankind paints its struggles and battles. It’s reality is caught in confrontation between projected values and societal demands. How do society’s proceedings reflect on the individual experience? 

Poem by Rita Boumi-Pappas (translated by Eleni Fourtouni)

Directed by: Aleksandra Ćorović & Alkistis Kafetzi

Script by: Aristoteles Chaitidis

Camera & Editing: Alkistis Kafetzi

Sound Design: Konstantine Margaritis

Model & Voice Over: Aleksandra Ćorović

Produced by: The Institute for Experimental Arts

This video produced by the Institute for Experimental Arts commissioned by the art platform

Digital Culture Programme- Ministry of Culture / Greece

Film Festivals

9th International Video Poetry Festival, Athens Greece

International Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia 2021, Germany

Duende Sessions Festival Barcelona, November 2021

Positively Different, Short Film Festival, March 2022, Athens

Bologna in Lettere 10th Videopoetry, May 2022 Bologna, Italy

Midwest Video Poetry Fest, October 2022, Madison, Wisconsin

Festival Fotogenia, November 2022, Mexico City

Poetry MOVES International Festival, Oktober 2023, Nicosia, Cyprus. 

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