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Frere Zak/Zackie - Φρέρε Ζάκι (Music Video)

February 2022, while the trial of the killing of Zak Kostopoulos is being held in Athens, a group of FOLX gathers in Berlin to shed a song and a video-tear for the activist of the LGBTIQ movement, drag queen (ZACKIE OH!), who was brutally assassinated in the center of Athens in public view, more than 3 years ago. The song is a new, queer version of the old French song Frere Jacques.

In grief and solidarity from Berlin

Based on an idea by Nasta

Featuring Miss Stray

Lyrics: Nasta

Direction: Alkistis Kafetzi

First camera / coloring: Giannis Vassaras

Additional camera shots: Alkistis Kafetzi, Lefteris Paraskevas, Polyxeni Fotopoulou

Editing: Polyxeni Fotopoulou

Sound engineer: Konstantine Margaritis

Music direction / orchestration / k-bass: Christos “soulman” Drouzas

Voice / percussion: Eren Paydas, Mirka, Sara

Violins: Elissavet Arvaniti, Sakis Kleisiaris

Guitars: Lefteris Arabatzis, Cihan Simsek

Chorus: Anastasia Argyropoulou & Vasiliki, Andreas Machairas, Nasta & Nairo, Fiona & Laila, Konstantinos, Ioanna Siama & Avgeris

Also in Solidarity: Αnna Elefsinioti, Alexandra Iordanidou, Chrysoula Gkani, DasVaso & Portokalos, Dimitris Tsamantanis, Dora Androulidaki & Nikita, Drag Queen Lafert, Elena Sokratous, Eleni Orfanidou, Christian & Freya, Εva Karatairi, Aeneas & Greta, Evita Varela & Zoe, Irini Koutava & Danae, Georgios Kechagias, Marachi, Maritina Buntspecht & Frida, Manos, Nova Bruise, Taar, Valia, Yannis Mitsos

Collectives: Ukuna, Soli Tsoli

The shooting took place at Saligari Cafe,

Schreinerstraße 53, 10247 Berlin


Read more about the murder trial at:

Support the struggle of the family for justice at:

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