Filmmaker / Photographer
WIRED FLESH | Video Art (2020)

An experimental film by Vassiliki Biska & Alkistis Kafetzi

Featuring Karmen Skandali

Awaking from a social hibernation that kept her caged inside cold and colourless architectural structures...Through palpation, perceiving and identifying one’s body, reviving its strength, and its flexibility, human consciousness is (re)born. We observe the wired monad on her path to transcend the physical world, recognizing the warmth and freedom, conquered from the reconnection of the human flesh with the natural elements.

Artist’s Statement

In the film, the female silhouette is discovering her body and tries to reconnect with both her inner self and her environment, i.e. both her internal and external world.

The hands, as vital palpating limbs of the human body, are in focus. Their stretching is an extension to the outside world; a bridge between the human subject and all objects surrounding her, possibly with other subjects as well.

The COVID outbreak changed the world as we knew it and our adaption to the new normality had to be rapid. The digital world is expanding ruthlessly, threatening our human subsistence, turning the previously social human beings into monads, “wired” with digital devices that can access the internet, and connect the homo sapiens to the world. The title “Wired Flesh” refers to this isolation, due the invasion of technology in our every day lives, even before the quarantine.

Exhibitions & Festivals

Mink Festival (curated by Magenta) | 25 January 2021 - 21 March 2021

Kalakari Film Festival | May 2021

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