Filmmaker / Photographer
UNPLUGGED VOL. 1 | Video Art (2018)


Perceivable and unperceivable light, the continuous movement of matter within space and the human presence collaborate all together. The digital lens, by capturing the matter in dark, is giving birth to a time game which is aiming to become a visual experiment.

Artists`s Comment

The project "Unplugged" Vol.1 started as an experimental improvisation under the main question: how do human eyes and mind perceive time, space and light. We used different kind of vessels made of glass, sparkling water and the human body as our main materials. With the black background and the lighting set up we aimed to create an "out of space" situation where different shapes come to life while the water represents the constant time flow which is possessing our everyday lives.

Created by: Alkistis Kafetzi, Vassiliki Biska

Sound Design: Giorgos Matoulas

Featuring Karmen Skandali

Exhibitions & Festivals

Surfaces Festival - Places | Venice 2018

MISSING NATURE - Techne in Illuseum | 2020

Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival (AIMAFF) Honorable Mention | December 2020

Kalakari Film Festival | May 2021

Accord Cine Fest | April 2021 Finalist

Proxy Act Festival | 5-18 July 2021 at Schönow Castle in Passow, Germany

Photos from the exhibition "Missing Nature"

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