Filmmaker / Photographer
EMBROS: a free self-managed theatre

Embros: From printing office to theater, and from theater to squat. A documentary about self-organization, diversity and co-existence

Set against a world grappling with the rise of right-wing ideologies, this documentary aims to explore themes of resistance and unity. It gently suggests the importance of solidarity, offering a nuanced perspective on the enduring power of self-organized spaces and squats.

Decades before it became the Embros Theater in 1989, the building served as a printing office for the Embros newspaper. Today, the same building stands as a free self-organized theater, providing a free space for artistic expression and weekly open assemblies. Embros opens its doors to all, regardless of race, religion, or background.

More than a mere chronicle, the film invites the viewers to reflect on the subtle yet profound influence that collective strength has in shaping the societies we live in amid ideological challenges.

Script & Direction: Alkistis Kafetzi

Camera: Niki Korda, Alkistis Kafetzi, Petros Kolotouros, Aleksandra Masmanidi

Editing: Alkistis Kafetzi

Sound Mixing: Arielle Esther

Color Correction: Giannis Vassaras

Translation & Subtitles: Sofia Athanasaki

Moments from the premiere in the 26th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival

Photos by Motion Team & Sakis Sotirakoglou

Moments from the screening in Free Self-managed Theater Embros

Festivals & Screenings:

26th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival, March 2024, Greece

Amorgos Cinema Club, May 2024, Greece

Xanthi Cinema Club, May 2024, Greece

Lithografeion Theater, May 2024 Patra, Greece

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