Filmmaker / Photographer
EMEX-Celestia (Official Music Video)

Artist: EMEX 

Title: Touch Infinity EP

Label: Modular Expansion Records

Cat Number: ME012

Format: Artistic Vinyl & Digital

Genre: Techno, EBM, Industrial

Release Date: 18.12.2023

Video filmed in Berlin

Direction Camera Editing: Alkistis Kafetsi

Second Camera Gaffer: Giannis Vassaras

Starring: Ingrid Hideki

The Touch Infinity project involves the creation of works of art based on Spira and the way it is harmonized in modern art, an action with an emphasis on design and contemporary electronic music. We live in a spiral galaxy. The first sensation that a spiral shape gives is the image of evolution and the will to touch the infinity. Modern technology and binary code give us the ability to touch the infinity. With the use of modern technology, the music will be rendered in addition to vinyl and in shape and color in the form of a spiral ceramic vase.

Track List:

A1. Celestia

A2. Loxodrome

B1. Helix

B2. Cyclotron

Music Written & Produced: George Apergis 

Mixing & Mastering: Damage Studio Berlin

Artwork: Giannis Vogdanis 

Graphics: Grams Design 

Vinyl Production: Rand Muzik 

Distribution: DBH Music 

With the financial support and under the auspices of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

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