Filmmaker / Photographer

Goddess, Garbage & Gewalt is a a cinematic allegory, a visual approach of two principles: the human and the divine. The common ground on which they meet is the sacred. But the encounter does not come without a price.

Directed by: Aristoteles Chaitidis & Alkistis Kafetzi

Script: Aristoteles Chaitidis

Cinematography & Editing: Alkistis Kafetzi

Starring: Aleksandra Ćorović, Aristoteles Chaitidis (...and...planet Earth)

Set & Costume Designer: Maria Salouvardou

Sound Design & Sound Mixing: Taiga Trigo

Original Soundtrack: Konstantine Margaritis

Coloring: Matina Korontzi

Produced by: Alkistis Kafetzi & Aristoteles Chaitidis

This project was funded via Crowdfunding in which 100 people participated.

Film Festivals

Only The Best Film Awards | Best Inspirational Film, Best Experimental Short Film, Only the Best Film Jury Award

Chania International Short Film Festival, October 2022, Greece

16th TiSFF* Thess Short Film Festival, October 2022, Thessaloniki Greece

Movie Rooms, October 2022, Cologne Germany

Cinemaking International Film Festival, December 2022, Dhaka Bangladesh

8th NewBorn Short Film Festival, December 2022, Berlin Germany, Best Experimental Film Award

Exhibition "Secrets of the Forest" at Chromart Project Space, December 2022, Berlin Germany

Verci di Luce Festival, December 2022, Sicily Italy

Bizzarya Short Film Festival, March 2023, Porto, Portugal

San Antonio Independent Film Festival, March 2023, Ecuador

The 5th Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival, March 2023, Japan

International Migration & Environmental Film Festival (IMEFF), June 2023

Special screening programs of Video Art Miden in collaboration with Re:Think GAIA Festival, June 2023, Kalamata Greece.

Agrinio International Film Festival, June 2023, Greece

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