Filmmaker / Photographer
GODDESS, GARBAGE & GEWALT | Short Film (Post-Production)

Goddess, Garbage & Gewalt is a a cinematic allegory, a visual ap- proach of two principles: the human and the divine. The common ground on which they meet is the sacred. But the encounter does not come without a price.

Directed by: Aristoteles Chaitidis & Alkistis Kafetzi

Script: Aristoteles Chaitidis

Cinematography & Editing: Alkistis Kafetzi

Starring: Aleksandra Ćorović, Aristoteles Chaitidis (...and...planet Earth)

Set & Costume Designer: Maria Salouvardou

Sound Design & Sound Mixing: Taiga Trigo

Original Soundtrack: Konstantine Margaritis

Coloring: Matina Korontzi

Produced by: Alkistis Kafetzi & Aristoteles Chaitidis

This project was funded via Crowdfunding in which 100 people participated.

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