Filmmaker / Photographer
GODDESS, GARBAGE & GEWALT | Short Film (Post-Production)

Goddess, Garbage & Gewalt

An allegorical movie about plastic pollution and our relationship with divinity. What is Holy? Divinity and holiness, is not detached from human experience. It is us humans that project the divine into the world. Does the Holy represent an alternative to the madness of our time? Can it connect with the voice of reason, as expressed by scientists for decades, and lead the world into a more stable and sustainable future? The plastic pollution of the planet serves as a symbol of an overall attitude, which is almost universally common to mankind in modern times. The destruction of the planet, the narcissistic short-sightedness of politics and the economy, the weakness and inability of all religious dogmas AND science to secure the planet’s future in the best moral sense: all this manifests itself in the image of the Goddess, besieged by plastic waste.

Script: Aristoteles Chaitidis

Director: Alkistis Kafetzi

Costume Designer: Maria Salouvardou

Starring: Aleksandra Ćorović (...and...planet Earth)

Sound Design: Taiga Trigo

Original Soundtrack: Konstantine Margaritis

Production: Aristoteles Chaitidis & Alkistis Kafetzi

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