Filmmaker / Photographer
I can`t smell the soil in my head | Short Film (2021)

“I can`t smell the soil in my head” is the poetic depiction of a philosophical struggle. Associative patterns and cinematic allusions create a suggestive atmosphere full of tension and release. Close-ups of the protagonist and outdoor scenery complement each other and form a synaesthetic equivalent to the inner movement of the protagonist’s struggles. The camera follows closely his trail of thoughts in a constant forward motion. It’s the bittersweet realization that a mind’s work is as fleeting as an image on a single frame. 

The film was shot in Berlin and Kazan during the Film7Days contest.

Directed by: Alkistis Kafetzi

Script by: Aristoteles Chaitidis

Sound Design: Konstantine Margaritis

Camera: Kaishev Artyom, Alkistis Kafetzi

Editing: Alkistis Kafetzi

Starring: Aristoteles Chaitidis

Voice Over: Anton Pampushnyy

Assistant Director: Kaishev Artyom

Production Assistants: Victoria Kulikova, Ksenia Koltsova


"Erbarme dich" Matthäus-Passion by J. S. Bach

Arrangement: Konstantine Margaritis

Vocals: Aristoteles Chaitidis

Film Festivals

Lift-Off Global Network Sessions April 2021

Lift-Off First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2021

Drim Short Film Festival 2021, July, Struga, North Macedonia

12th Balkans Beyond Borders Short Film Festival, October, Pristina, Kosovo

3in1 Film Fest 2021, November, Portugal

Torino Short Film Market 2021, Italy

Cinemaking International Film Festival, December 2021, Dhaka, Bangladesh | AWARD WINNER

Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF, December 2021

Capricorn Film Festival, January 2021, Yeppoon, Australia

NewBorn Short Film Festival, January 2021, Berlin, Germany

Agrinio International Film Festival, June 2022, Agrinio, Greece

10th International Video Poetry Festival, September 2022, Athens, Greece

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