Filmmaker / Photographer
DREAMS LIMITED | Video Art (2021)


Inside the adult body with embodied limits we take a dreamy trip to our childhood. A personal perspective of a female path. The body as a dress, becomes the vehicle for a trip inside our consciousness, in search of the place before limits were first enforced then self-installed. The limits that were given, the limits we are ‘gifted’ with. The threads that bind and transform dreams into matter, net worth.  See the bondage to carry through our lives, the regulating lines of our wishes.  The innocence is no more, but the adult consciousness. Searching to liberate notions to float free from reason.  Everything we leave behind growing up. Child fantasies entangled with rules. Bound to regulate. Limit to restrict. 

Concept / Poem / Installation / Voice: Maria Salouvardou

Video: Alkistis Kafetzi

Music / Sound: Konstantine Margaritis

Dreams Limited is part of a series of dress sculpture installations made by Maria Salouvardou and inspired by poems.

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