Filmmaker / Photographer

Inspired by documentary and abstract forms, in my first photo exhibition I present a series of photos depicting the lifeless and static urban environment.

At the same time human and water figures fill the peculiar rumbling, highlighting the isolation that dominates the modern big cities.

Vernissage 15.09.2022 (photos by Konstantine Margaritis)

The first part of the exhibition (Munich & Berlin, 2015-2018) attempts to reveal a well-hidden dialogue between the human being and the surrounding urban objects. Yet the heroes, either individuals or in groups, seem well contained within their self-created universe. In a unique way, they become part of nature. They resemble the trees, the birds, the sky, the water.

The water, the leading element of the second part of the exhibition (Berlin, 2021), is also engaged in a special dialogue with the night cityscape. Artificial confusion and nature are blending together by experimental movements of illuminated window reflections on water.

While nature is moving carefree, the glass, yet detachable, an obstacle between the individual locked-down space and the city, serves as the only medium for unification.

Finissage 10.11.2022 (Photos by Giannis Vassaras)

URBAN JUXTAPOSITIONS 2024 at SaliGari the Bar

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