Filmmaker / Photographer
INS | Dana Engfer & Max Sudhues | Exhibition

INS: International Neurotic Society.

Dana Engfer & Max Sudhues

Collaborative artistic one night intervention in a BDSM club

SIN Berlin, Nostitzstr. 48, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Friday, June 14th, 2019

List of artworks presented in the photos (from left to right):

  • Dana Engfer, The fragility of holding and letting go, 2019. C-Print.
  • Max Sudhues, Poppy Seeds, 2016. Site specific video projection in loop. 
  • Dana Engfer, Max, 2018. C-Print.
  • Dana Engfer and Max Sudhues, INS, collaborative collage, 2019
  • Max Sudhues, House for Fish, 2019. Site specific video projection in loop. 
  • Dana Engfer and Max Sudhues, exhibition view „INS“, 2019, diverse collaborative collages, photo prints, video loops. 
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